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2018 Themes & Buyer’s Guides


8th Edition

Whether you choose to lift or slam, nothing is more important to the curb appeal of a hot truck than the right pairing of wheels and tires. In the 6th edition of PASMAG TRUCKS, we bring our readers the definitive 2017 Wheel & Tire Buyers Guide, along with the hottest products and trucks coming out of the 2017 SEMA Show.

Buyer’s Guides: Wheels, tires, exterior accessories, interior accessories, off-road equipment, suspension, mobile electronics (Truck specific)


#149 June/July -
KDM Special

“What you think, I’m gonna let you roll in a Hyundai?” If only Han knew about the KDM scene nowadays. Hyundai has come up to be a key player in the car modification landscape. This is our foray into the world of KDM, and we’re bringing it the PASMAG treatment.

Buyer’s Guides: Performance upgrades, aero & appearance, mobile electronics (KDM specific)


Technology & Car Audio -
9th Edition

PASMAG stands for Performance Auto & SOUND Magazine after all, so this special issue is dedicated solely to the newest and most innovative technology and audio products for your car. This issue literally brings the noise. Pair that with product spotlights from the 2018 CES Show, and this is tech head heaven!

Buyer’s Guides: Amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, head units, security & safety, 12-volt accessories


#152 Dec/Jan -
Keys to the VIP

Stitched leather, curtains, drink trays, lighting accents, and meticulous fitment might all sound like nice house additions, but they’re even more important in a VIP build. Big body sedans rolling extremely low, is a niche of the industry and still has devout followers. Check out our VIP issue for big builds and a deep dive into the culture.

Buyer’s Guides: Wheels, tires, aero & appearance, interior accessories, lighting, suspension, mobile electronics


#148 April/May -
Tuner Handbook

Be sure to keep this one handy for the coming season. PASMAG’s annual Tuner Handbook will bring you a comprehensive buyers guide on new and innovative upgrades, as well as the latest and greatest in car care. We’ll even have competition listings, so you’ll know where to go to try and earn some hardware!

Buyer’s Guides: Performance upgrades (bolt-ons), car care, oil & lube, mobile electronics


Style -
5th Edition

This is the bible when it comes to what it takes to make your ride stand out from the rest. We sit down with some our industry’s most influential trend-setters, while they drop some serious science on how to build a show-winning ride.

Buyer’s Guides: Wheels, tires, aero & appearance, interior accessories, lighting, suspension, car care


#151 Oct/Nov -
Ode to the Four-Cylinder

We think we can safely say that the majority of us got our start wrenching away on four-cylinder engines. They’re available in many affordable cars, provide good efficiency, and are simple to work on. This issue is about our favorite four-bangers, the best built out there now, and where we could see them going next.

Buyer’s Guides: Engine essentials, engine internals, engine accessories, forced induction (4-cylinder specific)


9th Edition

This time out, we dial in the audio and technology in and on your truck. From off-road friendly gear, to the latest wireless set ups and vehicle specific enclosures – whether you’re looking to not sacrifice any cargo space, or completely fill your trunk, this one has it all.

Buyer’s Guides: Wheels, tires, exterior accessories, interior accessories, off-road equipment, suspension, mobile electronics (Truck specific)


2018 FormulaDrift -
Fan Guide

2018 FormulaDrift
Fan Guide


Bonus Distribution at all
2018 FormulaDrift rounds.


#150 Aug/Sept -
Euro Special + Waterfest Official FanGuide

Once again, in step with our good friends at Waterfest, we’re bringing our readers the full Euro experience. With a feature vehicle mix right from Europe, plus event coverage from Euro-exclusive events, gear up for a seriously classy issue.

Buyer’s Guides: Performance upgrades, aero & appearance, oil & lube, mobile electronics (Euro specific)


Performance -
6th Edition

Whether you want to go faster, dial in some serious grip, stiffen up your suspension, or find that additional stopping power, this is the issue that covers it all, and more. Buckle up for high-horsepower features and tech pieces.

Buyer’s Guides: Brakes, forced induction, intakes, oil & lube, drivetrain, exhaust, suspension


#153 Feb/Mar -
Tuner Battlegrounds

It’s the 6th anniversary of the Tuner Battlegrounds Championship. This is the issue where we feature our 2018 TBG Champion. If that wasn’t awesome enough, we also have full SEMA coverage, featuring the cars, the people, the products, and all the news from inside the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Buyer’s Guides: The best discoveries and new releases from the SEMA show!

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