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<p>The Tuner Access Platform was created to link leading brands to enthusiasts with engaging content that educates, celebrates, and entertains on a daily basis through digital and print products as well as physical events. From the track to the street to the shops and the meets, TAP inspires enthusiasts and helps brands engage with our unique community of Tuners across North America and around the world online, through the newsstand and at top events.</p>
<p>TAP offers a customized platform to reach across multiple networks, but with a single point of contact for planning, execution, reporting and payment. Using decades of publishing experience, the experts at TAP help deliver your key messages to targeted audiences with core brands including PASMAG and Tuner Battlegrounds as well as through extended networks of key influencers and event partners.</p>
<p>TAP helps to reach new and existing Tuners throughout the full lifecycle of their builds from inception to completion. Many begin their journey after seeing a friend or family member’s build at a show or event and then continue their research through magazines, websites, and social networks. Eventually, as they begin their builds, local shops become a key resource for information and parts and service. TAP’s network reaches Tuners at every stage and provides brands access to a highly-engaged and primed audience.</p>

2018 Tuner Access Platform

Social Engagement Schedule

Through TAP’s direct social networks and those of key influencers in the scene, partners, and promoters, content is prepared and posted daily to ensure high engagement across the network.

Daily Themes


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<p>(engine, performance)</p>


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<p>(mobile electronics, technology)</p>


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<p>(past feature vehicles, events)</p>


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<p>(event coverage)</p>


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<p>(all of the above)</p>

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Member Advantages

TAP is an exclusive membership-based program. All memberships include:
  • Dedicated point of contact for planning, creative, execution, reporting and payment
  • Flexible monthly payments for convenient budgeting
  • Prepayment discounts
  • Exclusive access to limited inventory products including premium print positions, product placements, 360 video tours, Tuner Battlegrounds categories, special event programs, and more
  • Discounted bulk copies of printed editions for promotional use
  • Plans starting at

    $99 / month or $999 / year

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